FaceOff Factory Fall Finale Write up and Photos

Thank You participants!

We at Faceoff Factory wanted to thank you all for attending the First Ever Faceoff Factory Fall Finale. This event featured over 60 students around from the country and spanned over the course of two days. Day one involved technical training and feeling out the competition while day two emphasized competition in a showcase style tournament in front of NCAA coaches. the 2023 and 2024 classes were loaded with talent and we expect plenty of these players to make an impact at the next level someday. WE HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED This experience as much as we did!
-Faceoff Factory

2022 Standout Players


Our 2022 champ from Catholic Memorial outside of Boston showed his strength, consistent speed to the ball, good box-outs with his big frame, and high IQ in his tie up situations. Saint Anselm is getting a good one.

Terry li

 Terry is actually committed to Babson to swim next year. He possesses an awesome variety of moves that keeps opponents on their toes and really makes them work for every single win. He does a great job stealing faceoffs back and has an endless motor that make him a serious problem.

dom smigliani

The MA native who is considering a post-grad year has come a long way in the past 12 months and put on his best performance to date. He clamped the ball well all day and only lost two Li, and Fenn by one in each of those matchups. Dom is a kid who has shown he loves to work hard and will continue to get better and better. Keep an eye on this kid.

justin colby

 The New Hampshire native is big, strong, and physical. He is a late bloomer that recently started training with us and has been on a relentless pursuit to get better each and every week. Justin is a high ceiling type guy with an awesome work ethic. We are excited to see him continue to evolve and watch his game mature.

Steven Lucozzi

 Steven is a do it all type FO man who can win faceoffs clean, muck it up when he has to, and play in between the lines. Opponents fell him on every faceoff. His effort is unmatched and he seems to be a constant nag. He could be a hidden gem in the 22 class.

2023 standout players


The North Shore MA native was smart, tactical, quick, and detailed all day. He did a great job in almost all phases of his faceoff. He won the 2023 bracket by edging out strong opposition and never lost his composure when things didn't go his way a few times. He is an under the radar beast in the 2023 class.


Rogan was the runner up for the 2023 class but came back hot in our tournament of champs to take the overall title. He bested other champs and finalists from each age group showing off his hand speed and scrappy ground ball play. The Florida product is one of the best 2023s coaches aren't talking about.. Yet


The CT native had one of his strongest showings to date. Narrowly being edged by McLoy and Kane, Spillane showed off a variety of moves, precise exits, and some tough counters. He is a 2023 thats stock will continue to rise. 

GAVIN Ouhrabka

The RI product has recently reclassified to 2023 and transferred to New Hampton for the upcoming year. He is one of our hardest workers and most consistent attendees at training. He is versed in all aspects of the FO. What impressed most was his speed and his lock up game. He consistently put opponents in tough spots and was a difficult matchup for anyone he faced all day. He finished 4th in our tournament of champs and made the most of the day. 


Sardina, another MA native was another one who put together his best performance to date. Both of his losses came down to the last draw. He also rows crew and has taken a serious step this fall with his strength, power, and athleticism. We see him continuing to develop into a huge problem for opponents. 

2024 standout players


Our 2024 champ from Wellesley MA was lightning quick all weekend. Using both his hand and foot speed to put the ball to space swiftly and beat his opponents away from the dot. Christain has a rare athleticism about him that gives opposition fits as he is extremely difficult to steal draws back from when he is first to the ball Which is often.


Total package is how we would describe kraske. He finished second in both the 2024 division and the tournament of champs. He won in a variety of ways. He is not only strong, but quick and agile away from the dots. He was extremely effective changing up his moves and strategy. The North Carolina native’s stock will continue to rise.

will lavallee

Another MA product who attends Milton Academy, Lavelle continues to get better and better each time we see him. He was another guy who won in a variety of ways, stole faceoffs back, and always imposed on his opponents space. Weather it was to create a clean out for himself or scrap for a rough gb, opposition had to deal with Lavelle in their face all day.

landon parker

Size, strength, and speed are ways to sum up the Michigan natives game. He was sharp all weekend and had an extremely strong showing against a loaded 2024 division. He showed balance in his game both winning cleanly with nice exits and using his big frame to steal draws back using his physicality. Landon will be another one to keep your eyes on down the line.

2025 standout players

winner - eli friedman

Eli has had a strong year. He has now won the 2025 Division at both the Fall Finale and our Faceoff Summit. He possesses a rare combo of speed, strength, faceoff IQ, and ground ball savviness. Eli (Boston, MA) has taken his game to the next level and it is evident that he challenges himself against older training partners regularly. He has been our best 2025 nationally.

alex swinnie

Alex, from Albany, NY has been training with us for several years now and has continued to get better and better. He has gotten bigger, stronger, more deliberate with his exits, and versed in strategy to give him a leg up on almost everyone he goes against. Alex will certainly be someone to keep your eyes on in the future. He is one of those kids who just loves lacrosse and loves to faceoff.

vincent gaylord

Vince, also from Albany, NY shares a similar trajectory to Alex as their families team up to get them to sessions from Syracuse to Boston. Vince is another one who loves the game, has a relentless drive to get better, and continues to elevate his game one faceoff at a time. Vince has strong hands and wins a lot of faceoffs cleanly. He excels at the clamp and has the ability to be a true game changer. 

2026 standout players

winner - aj yueng

AJ was our 2026 champion and has evolved immensely over the past 12 months. The NH Tomahawk has committed to training twice a week and challenging himself against more experienced draw men and it has shown. His speed was unmatched as he controlled the majority of his clamps. He is also a hockey player and his slickness in the ground ball game is evident. AJ continues to get better and better and we look forward to watching him make his next jumps. Future stud. 

travis smith

Travis is another New England product that has found his own at the faceoff stripe. He has great hands and is bigger than most kids his age. His blend of finesse and strength makes him a matchup nightmare. He did an awesome job defending counters and rakes. His speed kept opponents on their toes but his strategic adjustments separated him from the pack.

isaac lyon

Originally from Rochester NY, Isaac now lives in Florida and plays for Sweetlax’s Florida program. Isaac has a great first move and is relentless on ground balls. Smaller in size but was as scrappy as anyone at the tournament all weekend. As he continues to grow and become more experienced Isaac is going to keep turning heads.