Thank You participants!

We at Faceoff Factory wanted to thank you all for attending the 2021 NE Showdown. We really enjoyed having a diverse and highly competitive group working together with some of our most consistent staff members from the area. We aim to do this on a more frequent basis and want to turn it into a recruiting exposure type event.

The TOP 5

1. Gavin Ouhrabka


Hailing from RI, Gavin took home the New England crown. As one of coach Nardella's top, if not the top, uncommitted '22, Gavin showed the ability to adapt from matchup to matchup. He possesses an extremely high IQ for a high school FO man. He is one of our hardest workers which shows as he is an excellent student and has gained 20 pounds since last year. Gavin is going to be an absolute steal for any coach who lands him.

2. Devin German


Another uncommitted '22 who will find his way onto a college roster with a continued commitment to his craft. Devin owns a rare combo of very quick hands and gritty toughness in all ground ball situations. He is a true blue-collar type player.



Shocket is another uncommitted '22 who has quietly made serious gains in the past 12 months. He trains out of Compete SC in Norwood, MA where coach Nardella/Rak trains. He has added mass, skill, and hunger to his game as of late. His wrestling background and low center of gravity work very much to his advantage in the stand-up era. He is a stud in the making.



Our top '23 at the event and only one to make it into the overall top 5. Zephyr is lightning quick and has benefited from regular training with Coach Adler down in Florida over the past few months. An extremely well-rounded student-athlete, Zephyr is lights out in the classroom and has an awesome calm but competitive nature about him. Something we see in many of our elite FO Students.

5. max fenn


Max had a late jump on the FO position. He has only trained with Coach Nardella for the past 18 months or so. Max has completely transformed his game. He uses his size and whits to win the chess match at the X. He is able to both overpower and outsmart opponents. Max has an extremely high ceiling and maybe our most improved student during his time with us.

future considerations

1. Eli Friedman (MA) - Keep an eye on this kid. He already gives high school and college guys a fit as an eighth-grader. Do not be surprised if we see him find his way onto a varsity field come next Spring.
2. Parker Hoffman (CT) - Parker has quite possibly the fastest hands out of anyone I have seen his age. He is going to be an absolute problem in years to come.
3. Bryan Folsom (NH) - Part of Coach Nardella's NH squad, Folsom plays for the CT express and uses his strength and hockey skills to not only excel on the faceoff but dominate gbs. He is as hard-nosed as they come and is another beneficiary of maximizing his competition time against older athletes at our training.
4. Kyle Hata (MA) - Kyle is a physical force for his age. He is another student who has made tremendous jumps in the past 12 months. We see Kyle continuing to climb each and every week and are excited for him to showcase his combination of speed and power when he returns to play.
5. Alex Swinnee (NY) - One of our most dedicated students who trains with Coach Russel in Albany, Coach Simoneau in Syracuse, Coach Rak in CT, and Coach Nardella in MA. His FO IQ is off the charts. Alex is someone we know is going to be a major asset for his team come spring time. He is one of those kids who does everything well. Very humble and hard working.