Dear Players, Parents and Coaches;

Faceoff Factory will be holding a Development Day in Atlanta, GA on September 25th.

The session will be held from 1:30PM-3:30PM. All-Access will take place from 3:30PM-4:30PM.

The Development Day will led by Coaches Gerard Arceri and Hunter Forbes. To see Coaches Arceri and Forbes' Accolades, please click below:

Gerard Arceri Accolades

Hunter Forbes Accolades

Our FOF Development Day includes:

  • FOF warmup that couples fundamental faceoff skills with anticipation tactics, focus work, and competitive based hand speed exercises.¬†
  • Training will consist of a heavy focus on fundamental efficiency of clamping the ball, refining technical aspects of the faceoff following our clamp, advanced moves/strategies at the X, counter moves, proper footwork/body positioning, and discussions on wing play.
  • Drilling will be competition based and take place in small groups (sorted by age and ability).
  • Live repetition in the form of pre-tournament seeding signature and a double elimination competition. We will be filming the players during their live competition reps. Players will be able to view both instruction from the session and their live repetition on our youtube channel.¬†

FOF All-Access: The goal of All-Access is offer students a more in depth learning experience. We strive to challenge students to master core fundamentals, advanced moves and techniques, tie-up strategy, and situational IQ. All-Access will take place 1 hour after the Development Day with Coaches Ierlan and Forbes. All-Access will be limited to 15 players and will feature small competition-based drills, immediate film analysis, and live repetition with our staff.

Cost Structure:

$125.00 or $175.00 All-Access.


4975 Avalon Ridge Pkwy STE 100
Peachtree Corners, GA 30071

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