Alex Trikas was one of the most consistent guys at camp all week. He has a powerful first move and does a great job at getting his top sidewall on to the turf. As someone who dominated on the clamp, he was sure to execute clean exits and secure the possessions in the tournament. Be sure to keep an eye out for him this upcoming Spring season.



Briggs Beck continued to make progress on his already sharpened skill set. Briggs shows an ability to use multiple moves off the first whistle effectively. He is very tactical in the tie ups and knows when to throw the right counters. When the ball is on the ground, he does a great job of using his athleticism to secure loose GB’S.



Ryder Voelker exhibited an attention to detail that will help him to continue to make strides at the faceoff position. His eagerness to learn helped him progress the consistency of his clamp. He dominated the tie ups and when he didn’t get the entire ball, he got his opponents in a position he could utilize his shovel counter.



Maili Johnson came to play when tournament time rolled around. His raw hand speed and athleticism makes him a nightmare of a matchup for his opponents. He was composed and showed his ability to keep opponents guessing on which move he would throw. He is a player to keep your eyes on moving forward.



Nathan Durand is a natural talent. His raw hand speed sets him up for success off the whistle. He does a great job of using his body on his exits and finds ways to disrupt his opponents when they are exiting. He battled the entirety of the week and impressed the staff.



Senator Flood impressed all week with his quick twitch and athleticism. His first move was efficient and he was well groomed in the tie up. He does a great job of getting his head and chest over the ball to get enough of it to exit. On the ground he used his speed to outrun his opponents.



Kameron Brown had a strong showing at the Best of the West. He learned quickly from the coaches and was able to make adjustments quickly, which is super important at the faceoff position. He was quick to counter in the right situations and was clean off the ground. He will continue to improve and will be a force in the coming years.



Brenden Thomas is not the typical FOGO. His athletic build is impressive and he uses it to his advantage when the ball is on the ground. He does a fantastic job varying his first move which will keep his opponents guessing. When tournament time came around he did not back down, he stepped up to the challenge and competed with everyone in the high school bracket.



Alex Martinez finished in the top 10 of the High School bracket come tournament time. His first move impressed most as he generated a powerful snap over the ball, allowing him to get his top sidewall onto the ground. His exits were clean, his counters were strong, and he was ferocious on the ground balls. Keep a look out for Alex this Spring and moving forward.

Foster Huang

Foster Huang

Foster was the perfect balance between speed and strength. Foster’s ability to adapt to any faceoff situation made him a strong competitor throughout the week. On top of that, his stick skills were great as he picked up scrappy ground balls all three days.



Alexander Kim was a fierce competitor all week at BOW. He used his quick hands to exit out of the front at will. He was strong over the ball which made it difficult for opponents to disrupt his exits. As he continues to develop, he will become even more dominant. Keep a look out for Alexander Kim.



Noah Pressmans athletic ability will allow him to continue to grow at the faceoff position. Being new to the position, Noah was able to grasp concepts quickly and implement them into his game. His counters and strong ground ball play allowed him to compete with everyone in camp. His work ethic will drive him to success.



Zane Johansen was a grinder all week at camp. He was dominating in the warm up rounds before the tournament and kept that hot hand rolling into the tournament. His quick hands help him dominate the first move and get the ball to space where he likes it. He will continue to dominate on the clams and the ceiling for Zane Johnson is high.

Clark Mayer

Clark Mayer

Clark Mayer is about as groomed of a 2024 as they come. His hard work at the FOFSoCal weekly sessions paid off in the tournament at BOW. His technique allows him to be efficient on the first move and dominate his opponents. He is scrappy when the ball hits the turf which allows him to win back the balls if he doesn’t win on the clamp.



Grant Roberts is a great athlete who showed his ability to counter in the first move and in the tie up. If he loses on his first move, he does not get discouraged and is skilled in getting the ball back in other ways. He was one of the most impressive players on the ground throughout the week and will continue to develop making him more dominant.



Casey Garcia is as consistent of a faceoff guy as they come. His ability to make adjustments on the fly and take instructions is impressive. His first move is quick, strong, and snappy. His ability to make adjustments on the fly showed when tournament time came around and he had to analyze his opponents quickly.



Anthony Fillerup was a standout this week at BOW. The Utah native showed his ability to keep opponents guessing by changing up his first moves. His opponents found trouble in getting clean exits and couldn’t seem to find a grove against him. As Anthony continues to develop he will become more dominant. We were impressed.



Ivan Martinez had a great showing this week at BOW. He showed power in his game that allowed him to dominate the first move, counters, and GB’S. He never was pushed off the ball in the tie up or out scrapped on the ground balls. He has set a great foundation and his work ethic will drive him to success.



Luke Lieberman was extremely dominant all week at BOW and made a great run in the bracket. He built off his strong training rounds to do so. His natural hand speed and technique was impressive. He varied his exits to ensure the clamps he won resulted in faceoff wins. He impressed the staff and we expect him to continue trending in the right direction.



Duwayne Aikins athleticism is what separated him from the competition this weekend. He had a strong showing all three days of camp and was neck and neck with every player he battled against. His faceoff IQ mixed with his athleticism put him in a great position to compete for the ball even on clamps he did not win.



Isaiah was hands down a top 5 Faceoff Specialist at BOW. His hand speed, technique, and intensity on ground balls and counters allows him to be in contention for every faceoff. His snap is rare to find in high schoolers and his ability to retain information and implement it into live reps will allow him to progress quickly. Isaiah made a great run in the tournament but was knocked out before the finals. I enjoyed watching Isaiah engage with the younger FO guy’s and give them pointers.



Parker Neilson was an impressive 2024 that saw extreme improvements throughout the duration of camp. He impressed the staff with his balance in his stance which allowed him to be efficient in his first move. Once he made his first move he did a great job of getting into his second move quickly. He kept his hips high and snapped over the ball. Keep an eye out for Parker as he continues to develop.



Charlie Quinn was an impressive Canadian who brought his talents to BOW. He proved himself by making a big run into the Semi Finals. His physicality was shown in all facets of his game. His clamp was strong and he brought his chest over top of the ball. He countered hard oftentimes leaving his opponents lost. He also went after ground balls harder than mostly everyone at camp. Keep an eye out for him as he continues to develop in BC



Jake was a standout this week at BOW. He showed tremendous poise and is well respected by his opponents. He is the complete package when it comes to facing off. He has quick hands, faceoff iq, and is athletic. As he continues to sharpen his skills he will become a dangerous faceoff guy.



Logan had a great week at BOW. He was competitive in the practice rounds and soaked in information that propelled him to a great run in the tournament. He improved tremendously and showed a level of focus that was incredible. As Logan continues to develop his skills he will be a force.



Jack Kovacik was an absolute force at BOW. His clamp is what stood out most and that drove him to a very strong showing in the tournament. He was on the whistle all three days which displayed his level of focus. His focus level and dialed in technique allowed him to beat his opponents out of the front on a consistent basis.



Tanner Spoklie is a 2024 that just gets it. He demonstrated his ability to implement everything he was taught into live reps. He was disciplined, asked questions, and was engaged all of camp. He used his quick hands to leave opponents in difficult situations. He varied his exits very well and scrapped on the ground balls. He showed his strength by putting his body between his opponent and the ball.



Mason MacDonald had a strong showing at BOW. His technique was what stood out about him the most. His IQ was impressive to see in tie up situations. He knew when it was a good time to rip out and when it was time to throw a counter. He was physical which lead to him coming up with the majority of the loose balls.



Kayden Kuan showed up in many big moments at BOW. In the team competition he had big wins and he rolled the hot hand into the individual tournament. What stood out the most was his ability to get his chest overtop of the ball on his clamp. This put him in a great position to make clean exits and not lose the ball from counters.



Aiden was a monster at BOW this week. He was a sponge when advice was given to him. His first move was short and compact which allowed him to stay over the ball and pin it to the ground. He was rarely countered and showed consistent clean exits. Keep an eye out for Aiden as he continues to develop.



Easton impressed the FOF coaching staff with his ability to stay balanced throughout the entirety of the faceoff. Because of this, he was able to square off well against opponents of any size. I look forward to watching Easton progress as he continues to sharpen his technique throughout the Spring season.



Jack was on fire all weekend as he impressed the coaching staff with his incredible hand speed and ground ball skills. His size allowed him to effectively box out opponents on faceoffs where he lost the initial clamp, which led to an increase in his win percentage overall.



Where Levi stood out over some of his opponents was his ability to quickly exit without hesitation. Because of his diverse arsenal of exits, this allowed him to easily keep an advantage over his opponents.



Jaren made his name known at BOW because of his ability to mix up his moves on his opponents. He was very disguised whether he was clamping, raking, or throwing in a counter. Because of this, he was able to deal with all types of opponents.



Jack displayed impressive ground ball and strength skills throughout the week which impressed the coaching staff. On top of that, he was one of the more coachable players at the event which only led to his further success throughout the week.



Caleb was impressive at BOW due to his adaptability and speed. Where Caleb thrived was by constantly reevaluating and figuring out which part of his move/his opponent’s move worked and adjusting accordingly.



Beau Fairbanks was one of the younger players at the event who made it far into the individual tournament round. Due to the sharp competition at this camp, that says a lot. His extremely quick hand speed set himself apart from the other campers as he was able to match up with everyone.



Fraser was one of the most diverse FOGO’s at the event. He is very smart and could recognize when he needed to clamp versus counter. Because of this, he was able to find success against all opponents all weekend.



Happy was one of the young players at this event that grabbed the attention of the coaches as he competed on all levels. Throughout each individual segment that we did, Happy was able to consistently match up against some of the camps’ older and more experienced players.



Hunter was a well rounded FOGO all week as he demonstrated his skills and knowledge of not only the faceoff but the surrounding parts as well. He has a sharp mind and uses it to consistently throw off his opponents by mixing up his exits and initial whistle moves.



Where Jaiden impressed the FOF staff the most was his willingness to change his moves depending on his matchup. He was consistently able to fight through counters which made him really difficult to scout when it came to the team competition.



Awmi was one of the more deliberate FOGOs at the event in terms of his exits; both the speed of his exits and the execution of them. When Awmi won a clamp, he was very rarely countered as he was able to adapt to almost every situation that was thrown at him throughout the week.



Lucas, although had very sharp hands, impressed the FOF staff the most with his athleticism. Lucas was able to win most clamps on his own but when he did not, it was never a worry. His ability to get to his feet and scrap for a ground ball was impressive throughout the week.



Aaron was great all week at BOW as he displayed great knowledge of the faceoff. Although he was one of the younger players at the showcase he did not back down from anyone as he was constantly beating older players throughout the entirety of the week.



Aaron Pressman is most definitely a player to watch. As just a freshman in high school, he made it to the championship of the tournament and proved himself amongst a group of older players. His elite-level hand speed combined with his ability to rotate left players unable to make secondary moves against him.



Maximo was one of the most exciting players to work with at BOW because of his consistently positive attitude. On top of that, the young player has elite hand speed and because of that, he rarely got into a battle where he locked up with his opponent.



Jared, although one of the younger players at the showcase, used his strength of rotating in order to match up well against some of the bigger players at the showcase. Due to this, he left a lot of players unable to catch up with his deliberate rotation motions.



Kai was dominant throughout BOW in all aspects. In the team event, he was consistently dominating his matchup regardless of size. Where Kai separated himself from the others was his ability to recognize quickly after each whistle, and respond with a second move accordingly.



Isiah was one of the bigger freshmen at the event which he used to give himself an advantage every faceoff. Because of his size, he was able to constantly use his body weight correctly and leverage 50/50 faceoffs towards his favor.



Lucas, although maybe not one of the biggest competitors at the event, was one of the most threatening to match up against. Lucas demonstrated really quick hand speed followed up with a second move constantly and made it really difficult for his opponents to have a response.



Nolan was the most coachable player at the camp and significantly improved his game from day 1 to day 3. Because of his coachability and his consistent curiosity, it allowed him to constantly find solutions to problems that he faced and applied them almost instantly.



Marko was as tough as they come when it came to a faceoff scrap. His wrestling background most certainly gave him an advantage when it came to staying balanced and using body weight as a leverage tool. His background allowed him to come up with tough 50/50 GB’s after a long tie-up.



Camden was one of the more versatile FOGOs at the event as he was throwing counters and clamps in a way where none of his opponents could figure out how to respond. Due to his versatility, it allowed him to win faceoffs against players who only had one move in their arsenal.



Jordan was one of the best young FOGOs at the event and it is credited to his ability to stay balanced throughout the faceoff. Although he met matchups that did not always go in his favor, he was able to give himself a leg up by staying balanced and capitalizing on his opponents' mistakes.



Merik was one of the most well-rounded players at the event which made him a very difficult matchup for almost anyone. He was able to match speed with speed or power with power. Because of his well-roundedness, it made him a problem for competitors.