The Face-off Factory is partnering with Sport Psychologist, Doc Wally ( to provide a remote High Performance Mindset Training program.


To be great at what you do there are three things you can train:

  1. Your Body - strength and conditioning, agility, quickness, etc.
  2. Your Craft - our craft is face-offs.  All the skills and strategies needed to perform well on the field.
  3. Your Mind - awareness, focus, attention, emotional management, motivation, confidence, staying present, managing distractions, etc.  The mental edge and the emotional edge.
To be your best, you need to train all three!


The Face-off Factory is expanding upon our partnership with Sport Psychologist, Doc Wally ( to provide our second round of our remote High Performance Mindset Training program.

There are 4 sessions, and each week introduces new principles and skills that build upon one another. This program is designed for high school through college/pro players. 

At each session you will have Doc Wally and one of our professional instructors.  In any given session you could have Joe Nardella, Max Adler, Casey. Players will get a chance to learn along side of, and from, the pros!

Trainings are Thursday evenings October 8, 15, 22, and 29th from 5-6pm.


Session 1: Develop (or further develop) your vision, goals, and deliberate training plan.  Understand that game time mindset means being fully engaged in the moment.

Session 2: Psychological Framework and Filters such as optimism, control, growth mindset, and grit

Session 3:  Mindset Skills such as calm mind, focus, confidence, trust

Session 4: Using your skills as you implement a personalized mindset training program.


Each session will contain content presentation, open discussion, and individual feedback.  Players are expected to be actively engaged in the process.

This is not a short-cut or “hack” program.  It is designed to give players an understanding of, and the capacity to apply, the foundational principles and skills of a high performance mindset.


Cost: $40.00/session or $140.00 for all 4 sessions.


If you have any questions, please contact Joe Nardella at: (315)727-6914 or

Thanks and best regards,







Dr. Wally Bzdell, Ed.D.

25+ years of providing psychological skills training for athletes, coaches, and high-level performers.


Lacrosse Specific: Twice in NCAA Division 1Tournament; Final 8 in Division 3 NCAA Tournament; 2016 Big 10 Tournament Runner-Up; 2017, 2018, 2019 Big 10 tournament semi-finalists.  2018, 2019 Big East Tournament; Multiple Big 10 team members; multiple All-Americans/honorable mention; multiple participants in North/South All-Star Game; Individuals playing for teams in NCAA final four.   

Two NCAA Division 1 Men’s ice Hockey National Championships (2014 Union College and 2015 Providence College)

4 NCAA Division 1 Men’s ice Hockey Final Four appearances (2012, 2014, 2015, 2019)

4 NCAA Division 1 Men’s ice Hockey regional Champions

6 NCAA Division 1 Men’s ice Hockey Regional finalists

11 NCAA Division 1 Men’s ice Hockey tournaments

3 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Ice Hockey ECAC tournament championships

1 NCAA Division 1 Women’s Ice Hockey ECAC tournament Championship

5 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Ice Hockey regular season championships (4 ECAC and 1 Hockey East)

10 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Ice Hockey league semi-finals/finals

Have worked with three men’s teams in Hockey East, two teams in ECAC, two teams in Atlantic Hockey.  Have worked with three women’s ice hockey teams (two in ECAC, including a 1997 ECAC championship; and one in Hockey East).

Worked with over 15 NCAA Hockey All-Americans including 3 All-American goalies

Worked with 7 Hobey Baker Top 10 and two Hobey Baker Hat Trick (top 3) players

Worked with one Mike Richter award winner

Two college hockey teams have set program records for most wins in a season (Union Men’s Hockey; Providence College Men’s Hockey)

One college lacrosse team set a program record for most wins in a season (Rutgers Lacrosse)

Professional Athletics and International Competition

Professional lacrosse players in each of the North American Leagues

Multiple lacrosse players who’ve represented their countries in international play

25+ former/current NHL players including a Stanley Cup finalist

Well over 50 former/current AHL professional hockey players including serving as the sport psychologist for the Springfield Falcons of the American Hockey League in 2015-2016 (prior to team’s relocation to Arizona)

3 American Hockey League All-Stars.

1 American Hockey League Most Valuable Player recipient.

Players in the KHL

Well over 50 former/current players playing professional hockey in the East Coast Hockey League or in European Leagues.

Six hockey players who have played in the World Junior Hockey Championships

3 Women’s Ice Hockey Players who have participated at the international level representing their countries.

Current NCAA Lacrosse Teams: Rutgers men; Union College men.  Past Teams: Providence College men’s team;

Siena College men’s team.  Individuals on teams such as Virginia, North Carolina, University of Delaware.

Current NCAA Hockey Teams: Union College men and women; University of Maine men’s team;

Providence College Men’s Hockey.  Past teams: UVM men’s hockey; RPI men’s hockey; Sacred Heart men’s

Hockey; Holy Cross mens’ hockey; Northeastern University women’s hockey; Providence College women’s Hockey.



Faceoff Factory and Doc Wally Bzdell discuss the newly proposed NCAA faceoff rules

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