Aaron Goldstien (2023): The Cazenovia College Commit showed his athleticism, aggression, improved hand speed, and was dialed in with technique from the FO Summit. We have seen strong progress from Aaron and look forward to continuing to see him develop along his journey.



Max Rader (2024): Max may be one of the quickest and most underrated 2024’s out there. The Florida product has lightning fast hands, is strong in the classroom, and just an overall hard worker. Max has been a nightmare for opponents to deal with over the last 12 months at all of our events. He will be a terror at the college level.



Channing Smith (2028) Smith was one of the youngest players on the entire field but held his own with the best of him. Channing had a solid round robin before pushing the 2 seed to his limits. We onlly see his game trending upwards as he gets older.



Issac Lyon (2026): The Upstate, NY Native turned Florida transplant put together an extremely strong day the Fall Finale. He wins the faceoff in a variety of ways. Issac is quick to the ball, scraps for tough ground balls, exits well, and is wise past his years at the faceoff stripe



Wyatt Franssen (2027) - The Overall Champion of the Younger Bracket, Franssen was arguably one of the best middle schoolers at the Showcase. Technically and fundamentally sound, his clamps and exits were almost untouchable at times. The Massachusetts product beat Moore in the finals with a 4-2 margin. Be on the lookout for this young man through the years. Wyatt is a spectacular face off guy, we would love to see him develop his post face off play and continue to work on his exits. He then will be unstoppable.



Jack Lawrence (2028): Jack is a returner from our National Overnight Camp this summer. He has progressed leaps and bounds since then. We were very proud of how well he controlled his clamps, utilized counters, and has developed an understanding of the faceoff position



Kaden Fenno (2025) - The Texas Native put everything on display throughout the tournament. Falling short to Revis in the final 4-2, Fenno made every single face off a tough battle. Relying heavily on counters, he did a great job of keeping his opponents guessing all day long. In particular, We really loved Fenno’s quick rake. We expect Fenno to have another great Spring after an All-State freshman year.



Ayoub Kahsay (2025) - Ayoub has a never quit attitude that had him every battle throughout the day. He is a returner from the FO Summit and faired extremely well against the field. He has shown improvement in all facets of his faceoff game and was narrowly edged in both matchups that saw him eliminated. He fought hard all day and his relentless pursuit will get him far.



Justin Weeda (2024): Justin did a great job grinding all day against a stacked ‘24 field. Justin is versatile in his efforts and has potential to be a great FO man. Just won with clamps, counters, and alternative moves to keep his opponents on his toes. He never quit on plays and stole a few faceoffs back throughout the day. Justin showcased his hard work mentality and will continue to improve.



Harry Lou (2026): Harry had a very strong Fall Finale and was not an easy out for any opponent. What impressed me most about Harry is that he was one of the last students continuing to work on repetitions even after he was eliminated. His determination and willingness to improve did not go unnoticed and will surely serve him well down the line.



Burke Wade (2024): Burke is one of our long-time students who made the trip up from Tennessee. Although he is committed to the University of Vermont, he has a never ending drive to challenge himself and improve. Above all else, this is what will help him be successful as he continues onto the next chapter of his career. Burke has the size, hand speed, and athleticism to be a force at the Division 1 Level.



Will McIlroy (2025): The New Hampshire Native is a regular student at Faceoff Factory and put together a really strong showing at the Fall Finale. In the past 12 months, Will has added size, strength, counters, and improved hand speed to his repertoire. He is developing into a strong FO man and we expect big things down the line for him.



Michael Calvo (2025): Micahel is a multi-year FOF New England student and has come into his own as of late. He is one of those kids who spends countless hours working at his craft. His Faceoff IQ is also through the roof. As Calvo continues to develop physically, watch out for him to become a force. His speed rivals those at the top of his class and has endless potential to be a complete Faceoff Specialist



Cooper Revis (2025): After taking over for Bullis last season, Cooper Revis is out to prove he can compete with the top in his class. After finishing with a perfect season (10-0) in the highly competitive IAC conference, Revis continues to impress with his stellar exits, and strong technique. His biggest asset is his ability to analyze his losses and make immediate and impactful adjustments. A top performer for Express Black 2025, Cooper will continue to develop into a top tier faceoff man as he continues to get more in-game reps.



Aaron Pressman (2025): Aaron is one of those students we see being a standout in his class. The Illionis Native and former long-pole is strong off the ground, counters effectively, and has made drastic improvements in his clamp success. Aaron is extremely well rounded for his age and is tenacious to improve. We look forward to seeing Aaron continue to progress into the player we know he can be.



Gavin Gaertner (2026): Gavin is coming off of a great showing at last years FOF Fall Finale finishing 4th in his age group. Gavin’s quick hands allowed him to steal some big time wins in the Fall Finale tournament play. Gaertner used multiple exits both out the front and behind to keep his opponents guessing. As Gaertner continues developing a secondary move, he will continue climbing up 2026 ranks.



Owen Mong (2026): The GA native is another long time student who has improved immensely. Owen is smart, quick, tactical, and plays his angles well in FO situations Owen has the ability to be one of the top members of the 26 class.



Charlie Pugh (2024): Charlie put together one of the strongest days of any 2024 at the event. Falling to the eventual champion in Ward, Charlie is athletic, quick, and can beat you with his speed or via counters. Charlie was one of the most impressive players out there and we look forward to seeing where he lands in the college search. He is a faceoff magician in the making.



Zach Ward (2024): The Virginia Native really impressed us in the first morning session. Not only showing off his coachability but his use of an array of exits. His most dominant is his traditional plunger. He was able to beat a majority of his opponents with that alone. Zach beat Wade in the Finals 4-3 and it was an absolute battle. The Uncommitted 2024’ heads into a very competitive club circuit that I expect will turn a lot of College Coaches heads.



Rafferty Harris (2025): Raffery is an FOF New Jersey student who is a well-versed tactician at the stripe. He has good size and athleticism for his age with excellent hands. Under Coach Barbarich’s tutelage, Raff will only continue to improve and be a tough opponent for anyone in the 2025 class.



Dom Siesto (2025): Dom is a strong player with great hand speed. He oes a great job getting to his opponents left shoulder to exit quickly. Dom earned the #3 seed after a great Round Robin performance. Look



The Colorado Native was a pleasure to coach and put all the advice into his game immediately. Corbin was consistent and competitive all day coming in 3rd overall for his bracket with the highest placement of any 2028s. Corbin will be back looking to win the Division next year.



The North Carolina Native stood out as one of the top 2026’s at the Fall Finale. Sean has a rare mindset and is never satisfied. He was another student that stayed well past the last whistle trying to grab every tid-bit of information from the staff to improve for the future. He is tough, talented and absolutely battled in some of his matchups to earn hard-fought wins. Sean will be someone to keep your eyes on.



After a successful season at Bridgewater-Raritan High School, Daine impressed with his ability to change up his moves during a matchup. His rake was fast and he was able to place the ball to spots his opponents were not expecting. As his strength increases, he will be able to rely more heavily on his initial moves creating offensive opportunities for his team. Keep an eye out for Daine Kostes for the future.



Brandon Lally (2024): Brandon was one of the most physically imposing players at the event. Lally opened up the tournament with a win over the #6 seed in his Division. Lally did a great job boxing out his opponents for easy ground balls. The 2024 certainly has a high ceiling.



Logan made the trek all the way from Oklahoma to the Fall Finale. Logan is one of those throwback do it all midfielders who plays in the field as well. His athleticism and ground ball play separate him from other contenders in his class. As he becomes more battle tested against top students in his age group, we see him really improving his hand speed and clamp game to become a dominant draw man.



Tommy is a all-arondl midfielder who shows a lot of promise at the Faceoff Stripe. His ability to win forward and use his savviness to win ground ball battles will fare well for him in the future. He came off a long weekend of Lacrosse and battled throughout the day with each and every member of the 2027 class. Tommy is a slick player to keep your eye on.



This young man showed that he can compete at an age group above him. Relying very heavily on a power clamp, Fields’ hand speed was absolutely remarkable to watch all day. Finishing in the top four of the lower school bracket, Leo showed that he is poised for a big time future. We think if Fields continues to develop his foot work and post face off play, he will be an absolute problem for his opponents down the road.



One of the youngest students to attend the Finale, Hugh was fierce and gritty all day. He battled with several older students, showcased really good form, hand speed, and determination to stay in the battle even when physically under matched. The NH Tomahawk has a bright future.



Kuhlberg had a great day coming in 4th overall in a competitive 2027 Division. After his first round loss he strung together some series wins to make it all the way back to the consolation finals. This resilience will serve him well going forward.



The Virginia Faceoff man is small but fiesty. Killian showcased one of the best defensive exits in the tournament. He strung together some hard fought battles in the bracket while showing the capability to win draws against the anyone he faces.



Blum’s size immediately catches an eye, and as he continues to train with Zach Cole from SJU, his technique will become precise. Blum used his size to take advantage in tie up situations throughout the showcase, as well as his reach to chase 50/50 groundballs. He is certainly no easy matchup for any opponent.



Moore was one of our favorites to watch all day. Showing off dominant hand speed and a great quick clamp, the Next Level Spartan was almost untouchable throughout the tournament. Falling to Franssen in the finals 4-2, was an absolute battle to watch. Like Franssen, we expect Moore to be one of the more dominant guys through the years. We would like to see Bryce continue to work on his counters and develop as an overall face off mid fielder.



Elijah showed promise at the Fall Finale. He is is young and rather inexperienced compared to the field but has a great attitude, was willing to learn, and got better as the day progressed. We anticipate this guy becoming a complete FO Specialist over the next few seasons.