South MVP - (83%) - 3D Georga, West High Knoxville, 2026

Gavin Gaertner

3D Georgia, Gavin has a quick right hand that snaps over the ball off the whistle. With that quickness comes strength and Gavin does a great job of using his frame to drive over the ball when in tie ups, Gavin paved the way for team South and was team MVP with the highest win percentage going into team competition. This 2026 has a bright future ahead.


(60%) - Tidewater Patriots, Menchille, 2023

Killian Krapfl

Killian was consistent all day off of the whistle. He did a great job of getting the ball to the throat of the head. His athleticism led him to many wins throughout the day. Killian was very coachable and has great work ethic that showed throughout the day and especially during team competitions.

(52%) - Deep South Thrashers, St Pius X Catholic, 2024

Kyle Sanders

Bellermine is getting a good one in Kyle. He showed his ability to win faceoffs without winning the draw itself which is big at the next level. College coaches want athletes for faceoff guys and that’s what Bellermine is getting. Kyle was consistent all day making it hard for his opponents to have clean exits. If Kyle got to the ball first off the whistle he was out with it quickly, not wasting time to be countered.

(56%) - L4 Lacrosse, DuPont Manual, 2024

Luca Bowling

This uncommitted 2024 won’t be uncommitted for long. Luca was scrappy all day. His quickness off the whistle and ability to protect the ball on his exits by using his body lead to success. Luca has a great IQ of the position and understood when and where to pull the ball out. Look out for Luca over the summer making some noise.

(69%) - L4 Lacrosse, South Oldham, 2025

Owen Rupp

Counters and athleticism is what helped Owen throughout the day. His frame and size allowed him to pressure opponents on their exits. Getting into their body and going for counters showed his athleticism and that he does not rely on just wing the clamp to win faceoffs

(77%) - Tournament MVP - Ironhorse, Allen High, 2025

Caleb Caldwell

The overall MVP could be the best 2025 in the country. Caleb hardly loses a clamp and converts nearly all of his clamps to clean wins. He is scrappy on ground balls, there is a lot to like with this Texas athlete.

(76%) - Midwest Topgun, 2026

Gentry Curtis

Gentry is very well rounded. Primarily uses a clamp but will adjust with multiple counters. He uses his body well to box out and create easy ground balls.

(59%) - Project Midwest & Team KC, Rockhurst High 2026,

Spencer Brooks

Spencer had a solid day and helped propel the South team to a championship. He improved and made adjustments throughout the day as he began to familiarize himself to the competition. Going to only improve as he plays better competition.

(50%) - L4 Lacrosse, South Oldham, 2026

Reed Allen

Reed shined in the team aspect and was a microcosm of why the South team was able to bring home the tittle. He does whatever it takes to win and competes very hard on every groundball. As he refines his first moves he will be a force this spring.

(53%) - Fusion Lacrosse, Midlothian, 2026

Tyson Rosenberg

Tyson showed consistency on every faceoff off of the whistle. He does a great job utilizing his left hand by gaining leverage off of the whistle. Faceoff guys throwing their left hand off the whistle usually make’s them extended and puts them out of position, because of Tyson’s size and ability to keep his head over the ball he does not run into that issue. Tyson has long arms and legs that allows him to maintain good body position, whether he loses the clamp and needs to counter or wins the clamp off the whistle. The ceiling for Tyson is high.

(81%) LXC, BC High, 2023

Nolan Green

Nolan's athleticism sets him apart from the rest, not only did he score the highest percentage in his age division but he also dominated the opposition on clamps. His relentlessness on ground balls was a major key in the team competition and he would be a valuable asset to any program he is a part of.

(67%) - Primetime Penguins, Walpole, 2024

William Abplanalp

Will Abplanalp is a stellar faceoff athlete. His strength, speed, and size gives him a massive advantage against any opponent. In the team competition he was a weapon winning his matchups and helping New England make it to the finals.

(61%) - 2Way, Archbishop Stepinac High School, 2025

Julian Ramos

Julian is an amazing athlete. His hand speed matched with his strength makes him a formidable opponent. His individual performance translated well to the team competition with multiple faceoff wins assisting in the New England squad making it to the finals.

(76%) - RI Bulldogs, La Salle Academy, 2024

Dante D'amico

Dante is a big and quick faceoff athlete that uses his size to his advantage. When he isn't winning clamps (which is rare) he uses his athleticism to scrap for ground balls. In doing so he was a valuable asset to the New England team in their run for the ship.

(78%) - RI Bulldogs, Bishop Hendricken, 2024

Nick Senecal

Nick is another perfect example of a big faceoff athlete that uses his size to his advantage. Not only does he have the size but the hand speed as well to quickly clamp and get the ball out winning a majority of his faceoffs in a fast break fashion.

(75%) - Top Gun Clams, Acton Boxborough, 2025

Michael Calvo

Mike Calvo is a great faceoff man. His hand speed is unmatched. A majority of his wins from the competition were won clean and his utilization of his exits are flawless. He is definitely a 2025 to keep your eyes on.

(63%) - 3D New England, Belmont High, 2025

Zach Musi

Zach's hand speed is second to none. His ability to control the ball in the back of his stick and exit to open space is far above anyone in his age division. This 6th sense awareness was a huge contributing factor to New England's success at the winter war.

(58%) - NE Twisters, Triton Regional, 2025

Jp Trojan

Although not the biggest faceoff athlete, had quick hands and an amazing sense for ground ball awareness. Majority of his wins came from a quick clamp to exit leading to not only his success but the success of the New England squad.

(81%) - New Hampshire Tomahawks, Bishop Guertin, 2025

Paulo Vazquez

Paulo is a gritty hard nose faceoff athlete. On all technique levels he is well rounded, clamps, ground balls, counters and more are no issue for this faceoff man. his toughness combined with his athleticism lead to multiple flawless wins against the opposition and Paulo is definitely a 2025 to keep your eyes on.

(59%) - 4Leaf, Brewster Academy, 2026

Owen Arndt

Owen, a New Hampshire native dominates the clamp. Although not the biggest Faceoff athlete from the weekend, when gaining control of the ball in the back of his stick Owen uses his sheer athleticism for a quick and clean exit, which in game will translate to multiple offensive scoring opportunities.

(84%) - 3D New England, Wellesley, 2026

Alex Dimnaku

A 2026 standout. Alex's ability to anticipate the whistle is unmatched. His main move, the "quick clamp" leaves his opponents astonished. There are very few faceoffs that Alex took that lead to a 50/50 ground ball battle and I believe that Alex will be an absolute force to be reckoned with as he develops in his faceoff career.

(84%) - New Hampshire Tomahawks, Holderness School, 2026

Aj Yeung

A 2026 that has developed far beyond the competition. His strength for his age is unmatched and when he hears that whistle it's game over. His clamp is one of the strongest I've seen in his class and AJ will continue to be a formidable force as he tears through the competition he is matched up against.

Northeast MVP (88%) - LXC, St. Sebastians, 2026

David Hahm

The holder for the highest percentage in the 2026 age division, David Hahm is a weapon at the faceoff x. The sheer strength, speed, and size of this 2026 athlete he is in a class of his own. Dominating the clamp, scrapping for ground balls and overall just winning every draw he takes is what makes David Hahm a 2026 to keep your eye on.


(71%) - Harvest Lacrosse, Geneva High, 2023

Jeremy Askin

The St. Bonaventure commit was the mature leader of the team throughout the day. He showed well both in the individual and team portion. Jeremy continues to improve and is going to be one of the top FO specialists in NY this year.

Albany Stags, Red Hock/Rhinebeck, 2024

Nate Strassberger

Nate is out of Red Hook Highschool, he was very coachable and improved throughout the event. He added a couple new exits and techniques throughout the team competition, look for a great spring from him.

(50%) - NJ Riot North, Tenafly High, 2024

Cole Mogensen

One of the more clutch kids at the event. Cole had huge wins down the stretch to help advance the Tri State team in the playoffs. Hes a big and great off the ground, a hard combination to find.

(81%) - 3D Upstate, Irondequoit, 2024

Andrew Scully

Andrew has made a consistent name for himself and is one of the best draw guys in the 2025 class. He has a great first move and great counter, he is as tough of a match up as it comes.

Tri State Team MVP- (87%) - 3D Upstate, Hilton High, 2025

Drew O’Buck

Having the highest percentage at the event was no fluke, Drew is the real deal. As good as a first punch as anyone in the country, his exits were great all day as well. He is a top tier talent.


(79%) - Albany Stags, La Salle Institute, 2025

Harper Connally

Connally was apart of a loaded 2025 Tri State Class. His first move was top notch and very creative on his exits. He fights through pressure well on groundballs, he is solid through and through. Excited to see which college lands him.

(84%) - Grizzlys/Predators, Bishop Kennedy, 2025

Dom Siesto

Since this fall Dom has been improving rapidly. In a couple months he has learned to use his tall frame to his advantage. His size and fast hands make him difficult to counter. Well over 80 percent on the day.

(75%) - Rochester Flyers, Brighton High, 2025

Henry Werzinger

Henry was solid all day but really shined during the team portion of the event. The ability to take high pressure reps against an opponent played to his advantage. If he took an early loss he adjusted, if he won early the gap widened. Scrappy and crafty are two adjectives to describe Henrys game.

Blue Star, Madison, 2026

Adian Larken

The New Jersey product is a very smart draw guy. He gets to positions he excels at often and is great at recognizing when and how to counter. Very coachable along with being a great teammate, anyone would be lucky to have Adian as their Faceoff Specialist.

(63%) - Predators, Penfield, 2026

Colin Miller

One of the youngest kids at the event was mature beyond his years as a faceoff man. Super skillful and easy to coach. He made a stance adjustment early in the day and was terrific after. As he continues to grow and develop people are going to need to be on the lookout.

(74%) - 3D Upstate, Pittsford, Sunderland 2026

Peter Roussell

Peter is a beast! Super strong who dominated people off the first move all day. He is nearly unbeatable in tieups and has great feet. Excited to see how he continues to improve.

(59%) - Midwest Top Gun, Liberty North High School 2024

Josh Pope

Josh did a great job at Winter War. Josh has quick hands and uses his length to get lots of separation on his exits. Josh was a valuable member of Team Midwest and showed that he is comfortable going to his second move.

(80%) – Team MN 2024, Lakeville North High School 2024

Quinn Power

Quinn had a monster outing at the X, finishing at 80% throughout the first part of the day. Quinn is skilled in multiple moves and isn’t afraid to switch it up making him hard for his opponents to read him. He was a valuable member of Team Midwest winning huge do-or-die draws to advance his team.

(65%) – Resolute Cleveland, Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin 2024

Charlie Johnson

Charlie had a great day at Winter War. Charlie has super quick hands which allows him to get in and out, but he is also strong enough to grind out and win tie ups. Charlie is also comfortable countering and playing the ball off the ground.

(80%) – New Trier, 2024

Noah Pressman

Noah is a grinder! He brought high energy throughout the day and never gave up on a face off. Noah does a great job of creating loose balls and is physical as he fights for them. Noah helped his team in seeding with a monster morning at the X.

(68%) – Team MN, Mahtomedi High School, 2025

Sam Churchill

Sam had a great day for Team Midwest. Sam has a hard, snappy clamp which he turns into clean exits and wins. Sam is also comfortable in tie ups and has no problem going to his second move.

(75%) – True Lacrosse MN, New Prague High School, 2025

Peter Dias

Peter was excellent at Winter War showing that he can win faceoffs in a variety of ways. Peter has a strong clamp and rake, but also knows when to counter and create loose balls. Peter is also strong at picking up ground balls and helped his team with seeding following a monster morning going 75%.

(58%) – Team Wisconsin, Wausau East High School, 2025

Isaiah King

Isaiah showed a ton of toughness at Winter War and has a great attitude. He has a strong clamp and is comfortable grinding out long faceoffs. Isaiah can also use his size to battle and be physical on faceoffs, and it is obvious to his coaches that he loves working on his craft.

(66%) – Resolute, St. Ignatius, 2025

Jacob Roubic

Jacob was a huge contributor to Team Midwest. Jacob has a strong, tactical clamp and understands how to use his body while exiting to turn clamps into wins. Jacob is also comfortable in tie ups showing poise and tactics which allowed him to grind out gritty wins.

(65%) – Spiders, St. Ignatius 2025

Jack Wood

Jack was a key contributor to Team Midwest at Winter War. Jack has quick hands and is able to use his size to turn his clamps in to clean wins. Jack was also comfortable staying in and grinding out long draws and countering when necessary

(66%) – Badger Prime, Kettle Moraine 2023

Chad Kohlmann

Chad is a gritty faceoff guy who seems to get tougher with the more faceoffs he takes. Chad can use a variety of exits but is also comfortable countering and creating loose balls. Chad’s ability to scoop up loose balls made him a valuable member of Team Midwest.


Jonah Beau

Jonah showed some serious toughness during Winter War. One of our youngest athletes in attendance, Jonah had a great attitude and was extremely coachable. Jonah showed great ability to counter and create loose balls against bigger opponents.

True Illonois, Latin School of Chicago, 2026

Mitch Mozes

Mitch is a competitor. Mitch was able to demonstrate good clamp ability but also isn’t afraid to utilize secondary moves and counters. Mitch has an awesome attitude, great effort and is always engaged asking great questions. Mitch was awesome to have on team Midwest!

Midwest MVP - (84%) - True Black 2024, New Trier, 2026

Aaron Pressman

Aaron was excellent at Winter War and has shown that he can compete against opponents of all ages despite still being a freshman. Aaron has an excellent clamp and can win faceoffs using various exits. Aaron finished the day with one of the best win percentages of any player and was a true asset to the success of Team Midwest.


(50%) - True Illinois 2026 Premier A, Huntley, 2026

Giovanni Baggio

Gio had a solid outing at Winter War showing flashes of great skill. Gio does a great job of using his length to get separation from his opponent on exits. Gio has shown improvements on his clamp mechanics and was a valuable member to team Midwest.

(53%) - Badger Prime, Kettle Moraine, 2026

Karsten Schmitz

Karsten was a great competitor all day at Winter War. Karsten had a hard clamp but also has a big frame that he uses to create loose balls to keep the Faceoff alive. Karsten was a guy who got stronger as the day went on.

(64%) Fairview High School, 2023

Quinn McCall

The Senior from Colorado demonstrated great hand speed this weekend not only on his clamps but with his counters. Even off his counters, Quinn was a problem for his opponents as he always kept them guessing by changing up his moves which allowed him to compete throughout the day.

West MVP - (74%) SoCal Bulls, Corona Del Mar HS, 2024

Finian Tran

The Junior from Southern California was consistently dominant all day. Finian has only been facing off for a year now but has quickly made a name for himself by taking down some of the top talent in the country. Elite hand speed, great IQ with his exits and counters, and is very athletic outside of the X. Be on the lookout for Finian this Summer as he continues to make a name for himself.


(64%) California Gold, Cathedral Catholic, 2025

Max Garro

The Sophomore from San Diego showcased his skills outside the draw. If Max wasn’t getting the initial clamp, he was always an issue to his opponents because of his quick counters and his physicality. What separates Max from other players as well is his IQ in the field and stick skills. Constantly taking offensive and defensive reps, he is the all around player you need to keep your eye on.

(74%) 3D Colorado, Valor Christain, 2025

Harry Luong

Sophomore from Colorado showed out this weekend with his strong clamp and ground ball skills. The scrappy Sophomore battled through his reps making sure his opponents had to work. Biggest attribute about the Sophomore is that he is very coachable and has a ton of grit. Harry is a threat both at the X and outside the dot.

(62%) Sixers, Evergreen, 2025

Beau Fairbanks

Sophomore from Colorado showed a ton of heart competing against some tough competitors from all over. Beau is very athletic which allows him to be very versatile with his clamp speed and counters. The Sophomore is making a name for himself, look for Beau to dominate this upcoming Summer.

3D Colorado & 91 Colorado, Prairieview, 2025

Dalton Chockley

The 2025 was put to the test this weekend. Dalton was able to make quick adjustments after the first round of lives and bounced back heavily. Dalton was very comfortable in his clamps, counters and ground ball battles throughout the day. Look for the Sophomore to have a very dominant HS and Summer Season.

UNRL National, California High, 2025

Grady Weaver

The Sophomore put in a lot of work against kids from the East Coast showcasing his counter and ground ball skills. Grady used his tall and athletic frame to beat opponents to the ball and box them out efficiently. This upcoming Summer is going to be huge for grady as skills keep improving.

(80%) - Turnpike, South Brunswick, 2026

Luke Shehata

Luke did a great job during winter war whether it was a quick clamp or a counter. His exits were fantastic and only put it to a spot he could get it.

(61%) - Grizzly, Fairport, 2026

Corey Roeser

The Upstate NY product was picked up by coach Barbrich as a late addition. Corey is a multisport athlete with a great frame, his second move throws his opponents off the ball. Fairport has produced great players and people forever, Corey is the next in line.

(60%) - True Black Lacrosse, Loyola Blakefield 2026

Benjamin Erb

Ben has done a great job over the years at developing his clamp overall. Coach Barb worked with him while in Maryland and has seen massive improvement over the last year and a half.

(52%) Jersey Thunder Central, Seton Hall Prep, 2026

Michael Scurti

Michael did a very solid job with his overall face off performance on Sunday. He not only had to go against kids his own age but older than him. He was very efficient off the ground and was a great team guy.

Madlax, The Potomac School, 2026

Tommy Leland

As one of the younger guys on the mid Atlantic team, Tommy was great at grinding out wins against kids his own age and even kids that were older than him.

Mid-Atlantic MVP - (85%) Fog City 2025 and Piatelli Red, Barrington High School, 2025

Chase Squires

Chase was the most reliable asset to the mid Atlantic team. He was able to win 85% of his draws, most of the time controlling the ball completely and others with counters and quick moves to get the ground ball.


(58%) Primetime Penguins, Tilton School, 2025

Jack Nozzolillo

Jack was very solid with his clamp control and ability to counter after he lost the clamp. As the day progressed, so did his wins and he was able to adjust and adapt to his competition.

Albany Power, Guilderland, 2025

Andrew Altieri

Andrew was one of our favorite students to coach. He had an awesome attitude all day and battled in every matchup despite the results. He will be back next year and we look forward to seeing how he fares with everything he learned at the WW.

LXC, Bridgewater Raynham Regional, 2025

Colin Fitzsimmons

Colin progressed with ease as the day progressed. He was able to show he was a competitor and was going after ground balls and making it hard for some opponents to get an easy win.

Team 91, Hunterdon Central, 2025

Nicholas Terricone

Nick is a newer specialist and was willing to take the drive to not only learn from his teammates but other guys at the event. He did a good job of trying out his clamp along with counters and as the day went on he got better.

(60%) NY Reign, Valley Central High, 2022

Aron Goldstein

Aron was the veteran on the squad and proved it. Not only was his percentage high, but he took the time to mentor the younger guys and help them succeed.