Daily Routine / Roughly 1 Hour


  1. Slow Motion Clamps, Plungers, Rakes 10x each
  2. Full Speed Clamp, Plunge, Rakes 10x each
  3. Ball High Up - Down the Line Emphasis 10x
  4. Light hands: Snap top edge down, lift left hand up and turn both knuckles down 10x
  5. Second Move: Clamp, Saw and step feet to 10 o'clock. 10x
  6. Rake Defense: Clamp, swing feet, and butt-end counter-clockwise 10x
  7. Exits: Forward to the left, Defensive exit (pivot counterclockwise), Back door (clamp and saw upfield, the open right should and turn hips), Front Door (clamp, counter-clockwise turn, pop ball forward), Rollout (keep stick closed, roll wrists, pop behind), Through the Legs. 5x EACH
  8. Quick - Down, Set, Whistle. Focus on breathing, anticipate, and do not go early.
  9. 25 Gbs: Roll out to yourself. Both hands - two-handed and one-handed. With one hand, adjust the hand position on the stick.
  1. 100 Reps minimum (use both hands)
  2. 50 Reps minimum (use both hands)
  1. Running, Pushups, Pullups, Core (Should be done daily, even in moderation)