Aydric is a fierce competitor at the faceoff x. His ability to clamp and control the faceoff consistently makes him a threat against his opponents. Athleticism is the best word to describe Aydric not only as a faceoff guy but as a lacrosse player as a whole. Not only finding success at the faceoff x but also creating AND winning ground ball situations when they occur. Aydric would be a huge value add to any program he is a part of.


Quick clamp and quick exits that create great fast break opportunities. Strong knowledge of the faceoff and positive attitude throughout the whole camp. 


Diesel dominated throughout the team tournament on day 2 of camp.  He won 3/4 of his matchups, earning our team points in nearly all of our matchups.  His ability to change up his moves and vary his exits makes him difficult to scout against.  Most important, his attitude is contagious, and always is looking for coaching to better himself, as well as giving pointers to his teammates. 


A powerful faceoff Specialist with a strong first move. Jack has a lot of different tools in his bag and effectively used his counters to secure wins. Jack did a great job following his hands with his body to win the clamp and exit with the ball!


Caden had a great camp and showed off his strong clamp/rakes that he has been working on. He proved that he has quick hands and can track the ground ball down to secure faceoff wins. Caden is a very competitive faceoff guy that can hang with the best!


Quick first move off the whistle that stabs toward the ball. Stanton did a great job knowing when to rip the ball out and go for a counter. He was great off the ground, which helped him win draws throughout the camp and challenges.


Harry was our ace for the team competition. No matter the matchup, we were confident that Harry could go out there and get the job done. Harry being a Junior and dominating almost every player at the event displays that he is going to be a standout recruit coming out of this spring season. What is so impressive about Harry is his ability to maintain balance whether he loses or wins the first move, he consistently makes plays with his athleticism and is someone you can never rule out of a faceoff. 


A faceoff athlete that uses his hand speed to his advantage. Pinching and popping is the primary move that Micah uses for his success, however, his rake is unmatched. When facing an opponent with faster or similar hand speed he utilizes the rake to its fullest capacity. Every Micah utilizes the rake he successfully gets the ball out in a forward fashion perfect for fast break scenarios. It doesn’t stop there as his stick skills aid in this transition opportunity. Being able to catch and throw at a high level is a requirement for faceoff athletes wanting to play at the next level and Micah definitely fits the bill.


Levi Shoemaker was one of the elite FOGOs at BOW 2023. His positivity matched with competitiveness made him a matchup problem for many other FOGOs. Levi has a special build being able to match hand speed when needed in a speed-type matchup, or use his size to match strength-type matchups. He displayed his versatility throughout the entire week and should make noise this upcoming season. 


Asriel Lucero is a FOGO from Denver, Colorado who has natural hand speed and body positioning. His ability to stay over the ball and avoid counters is not something that can be taught, he is a natural at escaping counters while being able to match any hand speed needed. 


Our youngest athlete with the biggest impact, all the fellas happy to be in your corner Ryder consistent speed and no quite in lose balls is your strengths, I like how you change up your exits and take pride in picking the ball up. Make sure you get outside and play some wall ball or go to the field and shoot/ stick work don’t be afraid to tag @thefaceofffactory in your at home training drills. 


Pressman shined yet again at camp. Aaron has become a staple amongst our top performers at our camps and national events. The Illinois native continues to make a strong case as a top 2026 in the nation. He is tough, rarely phased, has excellent hand speed, and extremely athletic off the groun. He took home the overall camp title in a tight come from behind victory. We look forward to big things down the road for Pressman. 


Johan showcased extremely well at BOW. He has gained size and confidence over the past year and will be another 2026 to really keep an eye on. He has great hands, he coverts nearly all of his clamps to possessions, and he remained poised throughout camp in big moments. Johan has what it takes to be one of the 2026’s out West.


Simon was the lone camper from Wisconsin and what impresses us most is his versatility. He wins in a multitude of ways, he is extremely coachable, and implements what’s taught almost instantly. Simon has a big tool bag of different moves, he can counter, and he showcased clamp wins with a mixed range of exits. Simon has made a ton of progress over the past year and we can wait to see what’s in store for him in 2024. 


Every year you keep getting strong and stronger faster and faster. Keep getting reps I know I don’t have to tell you that but the quality of your reps has been a positive every time I see you take a pull you take pride in it. Keep up the speed and focus on your footwork defensively and offensively from the faceoff position. Very proud of you Charlie for chasing your dream and looking good doing it. Don’t stop keep going your buddy. Hammer. 


Very good couple days kid, focus was there effort was absolutely there. Talking to you about proper eating habits and hydration was cool to know your already on that part of your game. Remember one faceoff at a time I notice you get all fired up when you think you have a guy beat. Stay the course one at a time not to high. Not too low. You do best when your calm and collective. Your speed is there. Keep training with bigger faster stronger people. You know it’s in your best interest. Stick work stick work stick work. Keep it simple. Pass before your can’t. Shoot the ball over hand. 


Matched up very well against the USA boys, lots to learn and lots to be proud of. Take advantage of getting reps with the USA boys they have a lot to offer. Your speed and strength are your top qualities as a faceoff athlete remember to throw more counters the second you don’t get the initial. Very proud and happy for you to see you chasing your dream. Prepare for the upcoming Jr summer season ahead of you the draft is coming up but just focus on your defense and keep getting more reps with all the local boys.  


Oliver may have been one of the most improved at camp. The Kansas City native was absolutely dominant countering opponents and making life difficulty. He really took a step in his game throughout camp and is close to being an absolute force at the faceoff dot. Oliver is another student that takes to coaching exceptionally well and implements knowledge to action immediately. We look forward to continuing to see Oliver grow.


Tyler was one of the most consistent students throughout camp. He has a great attitude, wins in a variety of ways, is very composed, and works hard. We have really enjoyed getting to know Tyler at our past few camps and expect him to be a force in Utah this spring. 


A solid and overall athletic faceoff man. Fraser’s hand speed allows him to secure the clamp off the whistle and exit for a clean possession. When he does not win the clamp Fraser is a monster on the ground ball. He turns almost every lost clamp into a 50/50 ground ball and his grit shows when battling and winning that ground ball battle. Fraser’s greatest quality as a player is by far his coachability. his ability to soak information like a sponge and apply it to his game makes him a versatile player and teammate.


MacLean made incredible progress throughout the past week at camp. He constantly asked questions and was able to apply new pieces to his game almost immediately. This shows how coachable he really is, and it resulted in a semifinal appearance for him in his very competitive age group. We as a staff are looking forward to following his continued progress and believe he has a very bright future ahead at the X. 


Braden brought his game to a new level at BOW 2023. What really stood out about Braden this week was his ability to adapt to various opponents. He was able to exploit opponents weaknesses with his strengths, which led to him being highly competitive in all of his match ups and also winning his match up in the team tournament. He is very well rounded at the X and we are excited to watch his continued progress here at FOF. 


Tristan had a very strong showing at BOW 2023 which was pointed out by several members of the coaching staff. He showcased a very quick first move for his age, and he also showcased strong exit abilities to go along with his quick hands which is a deadly combo. Tristan took his skills to the team tournament where he was able to win his match up.  We were also very impressed by Tristan’s positive and supportive attitude towards other campers. The Washington native has a bright future ahead at the dot.


Chang’s success as a faceoff specialist stems from his remarkable blend of strength and athleticism. Hailing from Great Oak High School, Chang’s physical prowess sets him apart on the lacrosse field. His strength enables him to powerfully control the X, consistently outmuscling opponents to secure possession. Chang’s athleticism adds another dimension to his play, allowing him to swiftly maneuver from first move to counter.


Anthony Walsh, a standout player for the Atlanta Kings, distinguishes himself with his exceptional skills in faceoffs. Known for his remarkable exits and lightning-fast hands, he often wins the ball out front to spur transition. This is a huge asset he showcased against the top competition at the camp.


Seamus Ryan is a highly versatile lacrosse player. His proficiency off the ground, combined with a variety of moves, allows him to be a significant asset on the field. With experience in box lacrosse, Ryan has developed a skill set that makes him unpredictable and adaptable in various game situations.


Martinez is top tier in clamping and rotations. His mastery of these aspects of the game distinguishes him as a formidable force for anyone who opposes him. He is able to adjust his clamp to varius ways depending on the game situation.


Aiden is notable for his fast hands and impressive body positioning, particularly evident in his exits and loose ball situations. His quick reflexes and strategic control contribute to his success. Caouette’s skill in these key aspects underscores his impact on the game, making him a valuable asset.