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FOF Instructionals with Coach Nardella (Live Film from FOF Sessions)

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Psychology and Faceoffs






Episode 1: Down the Line

Episode 2: Clamp Variation

Episode 3: Stationary Escape practice

Episode 4: What to watch for (2018 rules)

Episode 5: Stand Up Stance

Episode 6: Rotation

Episode 7: Escape Practice

Epsiode 8: Wing Play

Episode 9: Jams

Episode 10: Defending rakes and Early Bailouts

Episode 11: Developing Better Technique

Episode 12: Second Move Setup

Episode 13: Hand Speed

Episode 14: Footwork Development

Episode 15: Partner Rotation/Exits

Episode 16: In Game Adjustments

Episode 17: Simulations for Tie-Ups

Episode 18: Wing Play with pressure

Episode 19: Counter Moves

Episode 20: Post Game Adjustments

Episode 21: Winning the Leverage Battle

Episode 22: Back to The Basics

Episode 23: Practicing Proper Body Position

Episode 24: Anticipation

Episode 25: Faceoff Stickwork

Episode 26: Neutral

Episode 27: Daily Routine

Episode 28: Drop Set Faceoffs

Episode 29: Getting the Ball Out Early

Episode 30: Student Before Athlete

Episode 31: Technique Tune-Up

Episode 32: Ground Ball Drills

Episode 33: Muscle Memory

Episode 34: Getting Rid of The False Step

Episode 35: Right Hand Pressure

Episode 36: Solo Whistles

Episode 38: Improving efficiency

Episode 39: Faceoff Shooting

Episode 40: Tips for Tie-Ups

Episode 41: The Mental Game

Episode 42: Working on Angles

Episode 43: Removing False Step

Episode 44: Varied Exits

Episode 45: Bird Box Challenge

Episode 46: Clamp & Rotation

Episode 48: Pinching & Securing

Episode 49: 3v3 Gladiator 

Episode 50: Partner Pops

Episode 51: Gameday Routines

Episode 52: Back Hand Down Ground Balls

Episode 53: Stand Up Neutral Grip

Episode 54: Speed

Episode 55: Advantage/Disadvantage

Episode 56: Quick Outs

Episode 57: Short Clamps

Episode 58: Crank-Backs

Episode 59: Face Clamps

Episode 60: Defensive Exit to Right Pop

Gameday Breakdowns

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Faceoff Factory Finishing Series

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