Shane was explosive, resilient and dominant to the ball all weekend. It’s no surprise that the Holy Cross scooped him up. He’s a good student, smooth with his stick, strong, and counters effectively. He’s the total package



Hayden had a solid weekend with the highest percentage on day one and going all the way to game 7 in the championship. He showed resilience, clean exits, good ground ball play, and finesse. Hayden is one of the best available in the 25 class.



Jared put together his best FOF event finish to date. He was relentless all weekend and one of the toughest matchups for the entire field. Jared does everything well and seems to be very under the radar. We expect that won’t be the case for long.



Finn put together a really nice weekend and one of the things that stands out the most with him is his strength. Finn was excellent off the ground and very efficient with his clamp. He gave opponents trouble routinely.



Noah was very impressive at the Finale. His effort is nearly unmatched. He was poised when he won the clamp, scrappy when he lost, and made everyone who had to face him work to earn every inch. Noah was consistently a problem for opponents and we see a ton of potential in him.



Aaron came right from a football game to make the tail end of day 1 and came into day 2 extremely hot. His hand speed, toughness, gb ability, and overall determination make him very special. Aaron has seen no ingly won countless FOF events and maybe the top specialist in the 26-class



Gavin has continued to climb the ladder at every FOF event and is undoubtedly one of our hardest workers. Gavin is strong, quick, smart, and a true student of his craft. He was edged in the finals but dominant throughout the weekend and will be another marquee guy in the class.



Zach has been on a tear as of late at our weekly New England sessions and the Finale was no different. Zach has developed an exceptional clamp, he is detailed with his ball placement, and he continues to improve off the ground. Zach is making a game for himself and becoming a force within the class.



George turned heads at the Finale and won in a variety of ways. He is very efficient with his hands, tough, and good off the ground. George has a really high faceoff IQ and you can tell he is battle-tested. George is a stud in the making.



Foster continues to standout as one of the top 26’s from the West at our FOF events. Despite the cross-country trip, Foster was dialed in for the entirety of the weekend and looked extremely comfortable, confident, and quick off the whistle. A regular at our So-Cal sessions with Coach Marino, Foster has proven he is a guy to keep an eye on over the next year.



The Rochester product showcased one of the best clamps at the event. His ability to transfer his weight allowed for him to have success throughout the weekend. His neutral exit versus counters was seemingly automatic, as he continues to progress he will be a stud moving forward.



Aiden is a stocky athlete who is great in rotations and moved flawlessly to a defensive exit. He kept a solid low left hand to drive his opponents off the ball. He will continue to develop in a great Westminster program and the sky's the limit.



Travis has a great snap and pulls the ball out cleanly to his left shoulder. He uses his big frame to make himself tough to counter, his footwork is also first class. The consistent high level competition he faces at FOF New England sessions will only continue to elevate his game.



JJ’s proficiency in facing off at a young age stems from his exceptional coachability. His ability to master both the rake and clamp techniques showcases not just raw talent, but a keen aptitude for adapting and learning for the Face Off position.



Nathan's game stems from a combination of innate athleticism and dedicated training. His agility, quick reflexes, and strength make him a formidable force in the faceoff circle, showcasing a perfect blend of natural ability and hard work.



Ronin's excellence in facing off is a result of years of relentless dedication to his craft. His athletic prowess, honed through continuous training, is a key asset on the field. As a valuable member of Trinity Pawling, Ronin's commitment extends beyond skill; his perpetual quest for knowledge about the position underscores a passion for improvement that sets him apart.