Faceoff Factory is Proud to partner with Kula Sports Performance Global. This platform promotes developing more confident athletes, allowing them to succeed in their sporting and personal pursuits for a lifetime anywhere in the world with sport-specific programs for Early Off-Season, Off-Season, Pre-Season, and In-Season through our cutting-edge speed performance training app tailored to enhance athletic capabilities.”
KSP GLOBAL utilizes a combination of 90 years of coaching experience to develop the most holistic, sport-specific training programs in the world. Speed, movement efficiency, and mindset are foundational skills required for success in all sports. Our expert Global team leverages research-proven training methods and Long Term Athletic Development principles to teach and enhance speed, power, and movement abilities that can be trained in a garage, park, rec-center, field…you name it!

The 90 combined years of training have influenced the success of athletes such as Christian McCaffrey, Patrick Mahomes, Anna Hall, Janine Beckie, Bobby Witt Jr., TD Ierlan, Joe Nardella & more.